An Entrepreneurial Approach

We work in close contact with Executives and Companies who face business challenges on a daily basis. We know by direct experience how important it is to be open to change and ready for transformation.

Our Advisory offer reflects our awareness of this situation, a Partner will therefore work closely with you and implement our entrepreneurial approach – far from standard methods and focusing on the contingent challenge that needs to be met.

You will experience our extra care with a tailored project and the substantial competency of the professionals involved.
We seek clarity in objectives and efficiency in reaching them.


Organizational processes are a strategic factor, especially during change. Changing processes on the basis of shifting requirements, aligning corporate culture, intervening on climate and performing a comparative market analysis are all critical and sometimes necessary activities. We are able to build them into solid and customized projects.
For further information, speak with one of our Partners.

Mapping of Functions

Corporate Culture Analysis

Interpersonal Conflicts Analysis

Organizational Analysis

Climate Analysis

Human capital

People are the raison d’être of our company. We are passionate about finding talent, but also cultivating it. It is what we’re good at, but it is most significantly what constantly evolving markets are demanding. We work on projects focusing on individual persons or teams. We generate long-term solutions or swiftly step in, in case of contingent emergency. We offer our collaboration to large brands and small companies. But we always, and in all cases, do it our style: with extra care and entrepreneurship. If you wish, one of our Partners will explain it: book an appointment.

Executive Assessment

Assessment of Potential

Management Diagnostic

Assessment of Skills

Mapping of Skills

Performance Valuation Systems

Board Structuring

A board comprising competent and independent professionals can ensure farsighted governance. Directors should bring relevant strategic/operational experience to the table, taking the role of “client’s/market’s voice”. In some cases, they may also carry out an important role of mentorship.
Companies often struggle to find the most suitable directors – we can bring our experience of over 50 years and our knowledge of the market to support them in this process.
To find out more, speak with one of our Partners.

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