Project Circle

Project Circle is a circular advisory system aimed at accompanying you in all of the strategic stages of your business: analysis of processes and implementation of new organizational solutions, search for new skills, focused intervention to resolve specific or function-related problems.

We have created this for various types of entrepreneurial subjects. We offer structured solutions for family companies, to which we can offer quality and continuity in service, and for private equity funds, which we can support in approaching various Industries. All of this, on a national or international basis, thanks to our international network, of which we are Founding Partners: ECI Group.

Project Circle was born from the need to support business during its transformation, drawing from our competency across various consultancy areas. With one of our Partners, you will decide on the objectives, operational stages, service model, and result assessment. We will work in a close and tight partnership to obtain results.

Family Business

Our aim is of maintaining or increasing family business performance over time.
In many entrepreneurial companies, transfer of skills occurs one-to-one.

Our proposed process includes an analysis of the current structure, starting with a study of skills found within the company, how they are managed and how functions interact.
Subsequently, we define an adequate organization that will enable a “structured transfer” of skills, no longer from an individual to a set of people, but from an individual to a set of defined roles.
Finally, we will proceed with further studies on resources, targeting specific business functions or implementing an inter-functional project.

1. Organizational Survey


2. HR Analysis


3. Function-Specific Projects


4. Inter-Functional Projects


Private Equity Funds

We can offer support to Private Equity Funds during every stage of their activities.

Our cross-sector experience enables us to suggest the most suitable industry experts to identify and assess investment projects.

Our Human & Cultural Due Diligence model offers in-depth comprehension of human capital, and will thus enable you to make an improved assessment of the overall value of your business.

Our experience in executive search and advisory can support you in building a management team, including for portfolio companies.

1. Industry Expert


2. Human & Cultural Due Diligence


3. Board Structuring Advisory Plan Executive Search


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