Transition Task

Far From Temporary Management

You may have a project that requires a temporary organizational solution. Over the course of the years, we have met many experienced managers who have now chosen to become independent professionals. They are not temporary managers to be recruited by the company, and they are not consultants who study strategies and leave you to face operational implementation. They are high profile figures who have a long experience inside companies, and who will be able to operate efficiently in yours. For the time needed to complete your project.

Close To Your Project

What about our process? Together with you, we will establish the project’s objectives, which will then become our priority. We will define the profile of an independent professional who can bring excellent operational expertise in the function requiring support. This may be a CEO who has already handled restructurings, a CFO with experience in extra-ordinary operations, a CCO who has managed internationalization processes, a COO skilled in opening new plants, etc. In a very short time, we will suggest a skilled an experienced independent professional to manage your project.

Transition Task: Straight and Quick to the Bullseye

It is a process we know well and that we have formally structured from start to finish, including for contract and organizational issues. EuroSearch will take responsibility for the project: one of its Partners will supervise, and the selected professional will operate autonomously. It is an interim service that adds value from day one, and is tailored to the time period you need. This is the new frontier for handling ever-changing projects and markets. During a dedicated meeting, we will be able to assess your needs, but let us anticipate a few areas in which our Transition Task formula operates.

1. Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence.

This is the heart of our temporary solutions. The market constantly shifts the boundary of excellence across many executive functions. We can help you to define your needs, and most of all, we can suggest an independent professional with the skills and experience needed to bring operational excellence in the function requiring support and to manage the project.

2. Organizational Change.

Organizational Change.

You may be faced with a change in the business model. You may have made an acquisition or sold a division. We can suggest a professional able to manage change, for the time you will need.

3. Internationalization.


Going international is a great opportunity, but also a treacherous challenge. Having gone through it makes a difference: here too, we can offer persons with the experience you need to enter markets for which you still don’t know the rules and dynamics.

4. Succession Planning.

Succession Planning.

This is not automatic; it is a very difficult process that however often goes through recognizable stages. Our independent professionals know this well, and can manage not only organizational issues, but emotional ones as well.

5. Support to Private Equity Funds.

Support to Private Equity Funds.

For institutional investors, we can present suitable independent professionals as industry experts.

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